Lynn Rosenblum

Fulfilling a childhood dream of working for Mattel, the company that produced Barbie, was just the beginning of Lynn Rosenblum’s esteemed career in the toy and consumer products industries.

Dubbed “the epitome of a toy expert” by Gina Heitkamp of Middle School Moguls Toy and Media, Lynn has worked in the toy and consumer products business for over 35 years as a recognized marketing, product design and development, route sales, trend specialist, educator, legal expert witness, and avid nostalgic boomerabilia collector.

Since 2007, Rosenblum has operated Toy-Xpert, an independent consulting, marketing, sales and legal expert witness firm supporting major toy brands and companies including Disney Consumer Products, Jakks Pacific, and Spinmaster Toys, to name a few. Over the years she has become a consumer products and toy expert with a concentration in toys and entertainment with an extended client base in the beauty, fishing tools, hardware, tech, and publishing.

Rosenblum served as part-time faculty at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles for five years, teaching the Toy Industry Practices and Career Development courses. She is a past “Wonder Woman of Toys” 2006 award winner in the manufacturer category. She was nominated again in 2017 as a Wonder Woman of Toys in the marketing category. She also teaches Entrepreneurship at University of Redlands for their May Terms.

Rosenblum holds an MBA in marketing from the Marshall School at USC and has worked as a legal expert witness since 2008. She has opined in toy expert witness legal matters since 1994 and has been retained by attorneys in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C. Her appealing, engaging, and understandable style resonates with attorneys and judges alike.

Rosenblum believes that her passion for toy collecting and understanding of toy history are unique in the toy expert witness space. “I often get called in on cases to prepare, validate and value toy and consumer products, and to explain consumer insights to the court through declarations, expert reports, depositions and testimony,” she explains.
Since 1987, she has reviewed and assessed the novelty, consumer appeal and similarities/differences of over 3,000 consumer products, services, and toy inventions.

Rosenblum lives in San Diego and shares her flat with her “Boomerabilia” toy collection featuring toys from the 1950’s, 60’s, and 80’s.